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on Tue, 08/20/2013 - 22:09
Josie's trip to the Philippines-2013
July Journal
July 4th,8:55 p.m.: Arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.
July 11th: Paid a courtesy call on Mayor Jocell Casaje, to whom I presented the medical equipment donated by the Palm Coast Rotary in Florida.
July 12th: Spent time at the St. Anthony Development Learning Center (SADLC) 7th Foundation Day Program. Gave a speech about SADLC-Geared towards Excellence. During my talk, an audience gave her testimonial about the excellence of SADLC, and shared her observation about how most students who graduated in Kindergarten from SADLC, then transferred to another school, are leading in their respective classes. At SADLC, a computer literacy course is available for both parents and students. The Center also offers a Parent Empowerment Program (PEP). During my six-month stay here, I will conduct Friday workshops for parents on how to improve their livelihood by learning/doing gardening, sewing, cooking, massage, etc. We will also conduct Bible studies. Parents were deeply appreciative and excited about the weekly workshop offered to them. The Foundation Day program also gave an exhibition of two types of dances performed by the students,e.g. "Dancing Ducklings" & "Street Dancing". Teacher Alma gave the closing remarks, thanking the Joy & Care-Giving Foundation (JCGF) for the establishment of SADLC, which is known to be an excellent first childhood development school. She also thanked various schools and organizations in the U.S., such as the University of North Florida, FC Community & Adult Education, Scheidel Foundation, FC Rotary Club, Palm Coast Rotary Club, General Electric, Philippine American Association of Palm Coast and Spa Floridian & Salon, as well as the local Plaridel Rotary Club, for their continued support.
July 16th: Being a Rotarian, I was asked to give a talk at the Rotary Club of Pulilan Diamonds about the Rotary Basics. The salient point of my speech was about the Rotarians' objectives as volunteers to make a difference in the world by applying leadership, expertise and perspectives in solving social issues and on building lifelong friendships. Our involvement in the Rotary, e.g. improving our community; working with youth clubs; meeting humanitarian needs, etc., was also discussed.
July 17th: I was asked again to give a speech to an all-male Rotary Club of Plaridel about the Leadership Course I completed in the U.S. Fellow Rotarian Loy and I visited the recipients of the $5000 grant from the Foundation for Aid to Philippines, Inc. (FAPI) that was facilitated by JCGF.
July 30th: SADLC's Celebration of Nutrition Month. Students wore costumes made of different kinds of fruit, grains and vegetables, and paraded from one end of the street all the way to the St. Anthony School. My inspirational message focused on eating nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables. I also mentioned about the actual gardening activity at the school which will take place in August. To top off the celebration, winners were announced during the program, to wit: Best in Costume, Best in Art, and Best Recipe.